My 3 Guys

Lovin’ My 3 Guys!

Love my 3 guys!

What do you do with an old turkey barn which is collapsing in upon itself? You and your teen sons spend some quality together time tearing it down. Working together gives you opportunities to talk with each other, watch a sunset or two together, share a bit of your knowledge with them and spend some time learning about your sons as you watch them on their path to manhood. You sweat together, work together and play together as you accomplish this goal.

This project wasn’t one that I helped my 3 guys with but they have all ¬†told me stories of those days spent together and I know that this project has given my guys many memories to look back upon. And isn’t that what life is about, building memories on top of memories of times spent with loved ones?

There have been many such projects that we have all 4 worked together doing. (Those of you who know us, will no doubt recognize the names of these places.)

  1. 2600
  2. 2700
  3. 16th St
  4. Padgett’s Place
  5. Holden Avenue
  6. Estate sale 1
  7. Estate sale 2
  8. Turkey Barn
  9. Holden Avenue again
  10. The Rusty Shingle

Numbers 9 and 10 are currently ongoing. There have been many other projects, large and small, that my 3 guys and I have worked at together. The above are just the ones that made such an impact on our lives together that we named them.

Turkey Barn Metal

So what do you do with the metal that you bought from the owner of the turkey barn? Well, if you look at that picture of my favorite coffee mug, you can see part of the wall that separates my office from the kitchen and then, you get creative and put Renaissance Man to work with his plasma torch. Below are local custom requests completed this week.

Oklahoma is home
Oklahoma is Home
Rusty KC Arrow
Man Cave Arrow

If you would like your own custom art work from The Rusty Shingle crew, you can order through our Etsy Shop or contact us for a custom piece.

Spring Clean Safely this Year

Is anyone else getting cabin fever yet? Personally, I am hoping that we have had our last blast of frigid winter and that it is time to turn our attention towards SPRING! Along with spring comes the inevitable airing out and cleaning of our dwellings. Are we choosing green cleaning supplies or are we inadvertently adding to the toxins in our homes with the chemicals that we use. The list of known cancer causing toxins gets longer every year and many of these toxins are in the cleaning supplies that we have used and depended on for years. Over the past few months, I have been changing my family’s cleaning supplies over to a greener cleaning company and I am really enjoying the ease and better odors of these products. If you are like me, there are products that you have used to clean your shower and while spraying the cleaner, find it is necessary to hold your breath and then go running out of the bathroom to breathe but you continue to use them because the products clean so well. Not anymore! No, sirree! Now I can clean and breath at the same time. Lovely thought! A big plus for our family is that these products are totally budget friendly.

Fun Fact: If you sit down to write a post about green cleaning, you will have to stop to clean up cat vomit with those green cleaning products. GAAAGGGG, Watson! But the disinfectant that I just used on the carpet ALMOST made it worth it because it smells so much fresher in here now.


Wall to Wall or Off the Wall

Here at The Rusty Shingle residence, rustic prevails. Have any of you ever heard of Paul Detlefsen? Most people probably don’t recognize his name but they might remember some of his pictures from their childhood, perhaps on Grandma and Grandpa’s walls. I’m not saying that we are old folk, just that we have an appreciation for the idea of the simplicity of by-gone days.

We have seven Detlefsen’s on our walls at this time. There are many available on Ebay and Etsy if you would like to join us in collecting this artist’s vintage prints.
Image from

We have a Pinterest board of Detlefsen, for your perusal.

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”