Wall to Wall or Off the Wall

Here at The Rusty Shingle residence, rustic prevails. Have any of you ever heard of Paul Detlefsen? Most people probably don’t recognize his name but they might remember some of his pictures from their childhood, perhaps on Grandma and Grandpa’s walls. I’m not saying that we are old folk, just that we have an appreciation for the idea of the simplicity of by-gone days.

We have seven Detlefsen’s on our walls at this time. There are many available on Ebay and Etsy if you would like to join us in collecting this artist’s vintage prints.
Image from Amazon.com

We have a Pinterest board of Detlefsen, for your perusal.

Thanks for Reading!

~ Ange

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

Blah Blah Blog

Everyone has a voice but do all voices deserve to be heard? I guess that would best be answered by the listeners themselves. Each of us ask ourselves (whether we realize it or not) if we want to listen to the voices we hear. We have many options to not listen and we exercise our options by tuning someone out, changing the channel, closing the book or door, leaving the room or choosing to not follow a blog.

That being said, why am I throwing my voice into the ring? Why start a blog? After all, there are already tons of blogs out there on every conceivable subject. Does the world really need one more? No, the world doesn’t really need more noise or another blog. (Careful here, Ange, you may talk yourself right out the door.) No, I am doing this! I am blogging because I have a voice, something to say, something to share. Hopefully, this isn’t an exercise in futility but I am working on letting go of my inner introvert, the one that says SSHHH!!!! inside my head when I start to speak in a group, stops me from sharing a suggestion or idea with a friend, or keeps me silent at the door.

Now that that is out there, what will you find when you visit The Rusty Shingle? Hopefully, there will be some good conversation, a tutorial here and there, a recipe or three. We will probably talk about the weather, nature,¬†school, our ministry, just life in general. I might mention what I am listening to, such as the really lovely music that I am listening to on OETA.TV as I write this. It is time for March Fest and the show is Transatlantic Sessions. If you have opportunity, please check it out. We might talk about birds and bees. No, seriously, birds and bees, as in chickens and beehives. I am also searching for the really perfect shade of robin’s egg blue. Suggestions are welcome. We shall discuss things like coffee or tea, herbs and essential oils, green cleaning supplies, budgets and schedules, thrifting and yard sales, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy and Ebay. There will more than likely be posts about vintage goodies and rustic patina. There might be a weekly or monthly post on favorites found on Pinterest and Etsy. We may talk about the books on my nightstand and phone. Oh, and I love tweaking CSS on my blog so it may have a different look when you stop by to visit. Really, I will probably enjoy the behind the scenes more than the posts. There speaks that Introvert again. SSHHH! Not!

I am working on ideas for a weekly post about our store. We have an online shop on Etsy and Instagram but are also in process of opening up a brick and mortar here in our little neck of the woods. Details to follow.

So many hours in the day, so many thoughts in my head. Thanks for listening.

Night, all!