Spring ~ Forward, March!

Spring Forward! March 8, 2015

How many of you woke up at 2:00 am to move your clocks forward? Not me, I was lazy and let Android handle it for me. It surely made morning come much too quick. Oh, how I missed that hour of sleep today! Here is a question for you. Are we in or just moved out of daylight savings time? Answer = we just began DST and it will end on November 1st when we Fall Back. I think that I have had that backwards all of my life. Thanks, Google, for straightening me out. I always thought we fell back and thus entered DST because of school kids and buses and it being light when they left home. Nope, I had it backwards.

Now that our clocks have been moved forward that one hour, it does feel as if Spring might be right around the corner. I noticed buds on Bradford Pear trees today and our daffodils are looking ready to pop open, too. To get you ready for spring, you might want to check out my Spring Love board on Pinterest.

How to bring Spring forward into your day:

  • Begin that lovely thing called Spring cleaning
  • Take a nature walk and look for signs of Spring
  • Clip Forsythia or Pussy Willow branches to force
  • Tomorrow brings a chance for March showers 
  • Daffodils, crocus and hyacinth in garden or
  • Potted for in your home

Hello Spring
Poppy Seed Projects has this lovely printable along with a tutorial over on her website. Head over there to get your copy.

Thanks for reading!